Rexan is very suitable for business and family accommodation.

Rexan Tehran’s five star hotel welcomes you to Iran. You can reach our hotel with a 5 minute walk from the airport terminal. Downtown Tehran is a 45-minute drive down the Persian Gulf Highway. This is a good choice for business and family travelers whether they just want a short break before the flight or a 6 hour stay after the flight. A 24-hour in-room service, a modern restaurant / lobby, a swimming pool, a massage parlor and a separate gym for men and women, as well as air-conditioned rooms and free internet are among the hotel’s facilities.

The warm and trendy rooms are available to have you for a whole night, 6 or even 3 hours. It is absolutely relaxing before having a flight.

The rooms are comfortable for taking a rest. It makes you feel home by the room furniture, shower-only bathrooms (bathtubs in suites), free access to Wi-Fi, hair drier, mini fridge and tea maker.

Galaxy Restaurant

Restaurant type: International
Try the healthy and delicious moments of various diets and tastes in our Galactic Heavenly restaurant, and make sure you get the nutritional value your body needs.

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Vadi Restaurant

Menu: Iranian food

Atmosphere of Iranian culture is tangible in this restaurant by Khayam’s poems wood carving on the entry door, traditional paintings on the azure glass doors and tasting Iranian flavors.

With a separate area for women and men, this hotel offers amenities such as a sauna, a pool, a fitness room, a whirlpool and massages as well as a hair salon for guests.

Our conference and seminar rooms are based on the most modern equipment according to modern standards in the field of conferences and seminars.
In addition to being close to the airport, the Novotel hotel is also just a 45-minute drive from the city center and a short walk from the shrine of Imam Khomeini. It is a leading complex with 7 conference rooms for conferences, seminars and weddings that are based on careful planning. The latest equipment is state of the art.
Three conference rooms with a maximum capacity of 14 people
three conference rooms with a maximum capacity of seventy people
a seminar room with a capacity of up to 600 people

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